Friday, September 24, 2021

Apple Launched iPhone 12 & 12 Mini in Purple Colour

Apple launched iPhone 12 & 12 Mini in purple. Every half a year apple introduces a new color after they release the initial color generally its product red. But this time it’s purple now.

Some people say that that’s because it was Steve’s jobs favorite color. We can’t confirm that as it’d not really sure but this is the brand new purple iphone it comes in the same exact price and variance as the others and this is the 128 gigabyte version  

Iphone 12 & 12 mini Purple Price?

This phone is also the unlocked version now it varies from 799 to 949  just like before but if it’s sim unlocked meaning it can be used on any carrier around the world.

It’s an additional 30$ So 829$ to 979$ and 64, 128 or 256 GB’s of storage.

Specifications & Features of iphone 12 Purple?

Iphone 12 is it’s very close to lilac but the sides look a little bit different look. You’ll see the normal thing in here with your sim card ejector tool and your sticker. It’s not a color-matched sticker or anything like that it’s just the normal white apple sticker that you get.

Everyone hopes color matches them to the phone maybe one day, everyone gets that and then of course lightning to USB c adapter and that’s it that’s all you get with this phone for the price.  

And then if you need a fast charger or MagSafe, of course, you can buy that later on now let’s go ahead and take the cover off the screen and there as you see on the phone it’s what you would expect so everything is the same except the color of course.

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So you’ve got a nice sort of purple lilac color and I try to make this as accurate as possible so for reference if you have maybe a graphite iPhone 12 pro max next to say the purple the colors should be as accurate on this display hopefully whatever display you’re watching is what it looks like in real life it’s what iPhone lover always aiming for and then around the outside edge.

It’s a nice matte finish, kind of wish they did that on the back but you have the matte glass here  the purple looks really nice though now

Tutorial & unboxing of iPhone 12 Purple

First Boot up and set it up and let’s just see what version of Ios it comes. It’ll set up pretty quickly, the purple iPhone is the default wallpaper that came on it but there are some new wallpapers in here or at least one of them.

Anyway, Go into settings, go to wallpaper, choose a new wallpaper, go to live wallpapers, and then this new purple one so you can press to animate if you want to. Hit set and now it matches,

So that’s the wallpaper that’s new and the other thing is this came Pre-installed with.

New Purple Iphone 12 is in ios 14.5. If you go to general then about and you can see that you’ll be in ios 14.5 so this comes pre-installed with the latest version they had to have ready before this came out. This Iphone 12 purple cases that they offer this year there’s the silicone amethyst case which is showed in the spring color cases that they came out with and people think it complements this really well.

So you do have the dark purple on the outside or amethyst as they call it and then the sort of lilac-looking color let’s go ahead and put it in place here and it contrasts nicely.

So you’ve got the camera bump there on the front you don’t get to see the purple edge really around the outside edge but it looks pretty good you have the silent switch as well that you can see a little bit of the new purple color.

Then on the bottom, you can see that with your lightning port as well now let’s switch over to the leather case.

Maybe you actually, prefer this one which they call deep violet. You have that opening for the camera and then on the other side again. You’ll see your silent switch there but on the bottom you can see a little bit more with the speaker since it’s a cutout compared to the actual little hole punch design of the silicone case.

It looks a little bit different and both of them have a lip on them but I think it looks pretty good overall with this case.

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