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7 Best Netflix Series To Watch in February 2021

It’s a new year and has brought lots of new Netflix shows. It may be the shortest month of the whole year but that doesn’t mean Netflix isn’t prepared to keep plenty of new Netflix originals for release throughout February 2021.

From new shows to older ones, we have collected the best shows to watch on Netflix right now, especially if you are looking for romantic, comedy, action, or spirit-lifting shows to help in this pandemic situation.

7 Best Netflix Series To Watch in February 2021



There are rare chances you missed the launch of this long-anticipated Netflix original series. Bridgerton is a must-watch this month. This series follows London’s elite in the early 19th century as they seek love and marriage, political alliances, and gossip during the glittering social season. 7 Best Netflix Series To Watch in February 2021

Think of it as a romantic, escapist blend of Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudices with something appeal to everyone. One of Bridgerton family daughter, Daphne, is of age to find a husband and ends up pretending to fall in love with one of England’s most eligible bachelors, just so everyone will get off her back.

Of course, things do not go to plan. It’s a scandalous yet heartfelt love story; one that shows casting taught relationships, and lots of arguments. No wonder, then, that it quickly become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows.

The Queen’s Gambit

2-The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit become Netflix’s most-watched limited series when it was released. A 10 years old Elizabeth Harmon loses her mother in a tragic accident. With no family by her side, she’s shifted to an adopted agency. Until she gets adopted by someone there, Beth gets to study in their house school.

The seven-episode series follows her journey through the world of competitive chess as she faces loss and her own struggle with addiction. Those who watched this show could not stop them to play this game and millions of people from all over the world search how to play this game they are so thrilled to play chess. 7 Best Netflix Series To Watch in February 2021

The Crown

3-The Crown

Since the release of seasons three and four, The Crown is one of the best Netflix Originals series, which is also being rewarded. This Netflix Originals kicks off shortly before her coronation, and up to its current season’s end, which finds her at an interesting precipice in her role as wife, mother and sovereign.

It sheds light on unseen parts of the queen’s duties and the troubled dynamic of juggling private and public life started with her marriage to Philip and dealing with her father George. With four decades in the life of great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, with plenty of royal intrigues and familial conflict to keep you hooked, there’s plenty for fans new and old to watch. Best Netflix Series To Watch

Emily in Paris

4-Emily in Paris

This one is romantic too but also comedy, campy and quirky. After landing her dream job in Paris, but her colleagues and other staff was not impressed by her work maybe they don’t like her presence because she was sent on the behalf of her boss. Best Netflix Series To Watch

After some time, she became used to it and started to enjoy her life in all manners like romance. She brings her can-do American attitude and fresh ideas to her new office in Paris because she was over excited to work and live her joyful life in Paris which most of the staff do not accept. With her job on the life over a fashion week debacle. Emily scrambles to devise a new plan while preparing to say adieu to a good friend.



Since it’s a Bollywood movie but I’m sure you’re going to love this as well just like the other ones. It shows misfits, lovers, losers, and miscreants. They’re unwitting pawns in this unpredictable game. Ludo is a dark Bollywood action-comedy movie in which all characters are interconnected to one another through money, love, gangster, and fate.

This story begins with a sex tape and four wildly different stories overlap. If you really watch till the end, you’ll understand how this game interconnect everybody and how small is this world for the human race

Unsolved Mysteries

6. Unsolved Mysteries

“Real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series.”

Rotten Tomatoes critic score: 77%

What critics said: “These reports are wild but have evidence to back them up, which makes them even more entrancing — especially as they are set against the background of Japanese culture and the way it honors those who have passed.” — Mashable (season two)

Stranger Things

7.Stranger Things

The show takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the early-to-mid 1980s. The first season revolves around the disappearance of Will Byers, while the second season explores the repercussions of the mysterious events of season 1.

The third season focuses on “forces of evil that are new.” The upcoming fourth season will explore newer regions, outside of Hawkins.

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