Friday, September 24, 2021

Cardano’s ADA Fraud 2021

Cardano’s ADA Fraud 2021.

Does Cardano’s ADA Fraud 2021?

Let’s solve this question in this article

Cardano’s ada fraud 2021 is started on the upgrade of Alonzo the ADA course has been touching to the sky, its releasing date is September, Cardano’s founder is Charles Hoskinson. Cardano’s holders are waiting for the integration of smart contracts. The investors are trying to make a profit from the current ADA hype.

Cardano’s ada fraud 2021 includes the fraudsters who are also trying to use the hype surrounding that Ethereum supposed killer and try to relieve the unsuspecting of their ADA with fake profiles, malware, and fake giveaways.

On the date of 23 august CEO of Cardano development company, IOHK tells that in a live podcast.

Whenever big events are imminent, prices are rising on a large scale, and volatility is high, there is a huge increase in fraud.”

Charles Hoskinson via Periscope

It will be a typical Cardano giveaway scam.

Charles Hoskinson sees another perspective danger counterfeit Cardano wallets, which can be found in the Google Play Store. For example,

We saw several fake versions of Daedalus and several fake Cardano applications on the Play Store with people saying, “Oh, you need to download the new version of the software and restore your wallet to get your Ada” – that’s all Scams. we [Emurgo, IHOK, Cardano Foundation, Anm.d.Red.] never ask for your keywords, we never ask for your private keys and we will never ever ask you to install monitoring software to help you.”  Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson

But google play will be taking action against all those frauds applications.

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