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How to build your business brand?

Imagine for a moment that you’re building your business brand of a shoe company. You want to make the best available shoes to build your business brand at the cheapest possible price.

What do you do to build your business brand? You outsource your manufacturing to China, Vietnam, or Cambodia. But let’s say you run another business company and now work as a consultant for small business owners.

You can make more money by sending your customers overseas to have their products build cheaply – but then they wouldn’t have any time left over to manage their business, so they’d lose money on top of wasting yours!

What do you think happens in this situation?

The shoemaker has outsourced its shoe production overseas and is making a lot of money from it – while having less time leftover from managing their business to do better. The consultant is left without any customers, even though they know that they would make more money by working with them and focusing on what they already excel at (the expert shoemaker can make shoes like nobody else).

The shoe business has not built its brand as the best possible shoe manufacturer – but as a company that sends customers overseas to have products made cheaply. They’ve given up control of producing those products and allowed someone else to be in charge of it (and failed to see how doing so has hurt them: lost profits from customers who now lack time to work for themselves because they’re too busy outsourcing).

To build your business brand a  business that fails to build its brand will become synonymous with something less than optimal or even a problem. It’s essential to build your business brand that will allow you to enjoy the best possible results – and it starts with creating an identity for yourself as an individual, not just as a company or product.

Getting your message out there is vital, but so is making sure your message means what you want it to mean!

Personal Branding

Personal branding isn’t about manipulating people into buying from you – it’s about presenting your ideas and beliefs to others in such a way that they’ll buy into them. You’ve got to be authentic – genuine – and convey that throughout all of your words and actions: no half-truths, no coded messages, no coded anything.

When potential customers read through your e-mails and blog posts, and tweets, they should be able to tell that you’re unique – but also pick up on your core beliefs. They’ll want to work with someone like that instead of a salesperson who tries to trick them into buying things.

You can’t build your company brand without first having something worth building: yourself. Your personal identity is the foundation upon which all of your worldly success will stand – and it’s also where you need to start if you want to make this world a better place (however small the part of it is under your control). Check 

Put it out there what you believe

If you’ve got plans for getting involved in politics or activism or charity work or anything else, then being seen as someone who believes in those ideas will open doors for you that nobody else would be able to open. Being a hypocrite will close doors and turn people against you while being perceived as genuine will bring new opportunities your way.

Your personal brand is the same thing, only condensed down into something that you can convey in one or two sentences at most. You’ve got to market yourself like you’d market any other product. Still, it has to be done with integrity if you want the world to take your business seriously (the shoe company doesn’t care about its customers because they’re too busy making money instead of keeping their shoes tied).

These days, people are looking for heroes – not necessarily super-powered beings who dress up in capes and fight crime (or play the guitar), but real people who do something to make a difference.

We don’t need any more reality TV stars who went into acting because they had no better options (or enough common sense) – we need people like Rosa Parks, who stood up for what she believed in during the face of adversity. We don’t need Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton parroting whatever some hip fashionistas are doing this season – we need people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. They both built their companies from nothing (in stark contrast to all of those shoes that didn’t get made).

Convey your message correctly

It’s not simply about having the right message; it’s about how you convey it as well — find ways to stand out without compromising your core beliefs. If you’re an environmentalist, then talk about environmentalism in different ways. You don’t need to shove it down other people’s throats; you need to convince them that your brand will make the world a better place (which, at this point, it should).

Your message may be something like “I treat everybody fairly” or “I always tell the truth” or even “if I can find one bottle that doesn’t break during shipping then I’m doing my job right.” Anything that tells future customers what kind of person you are (and why they should buy from you) is worth considering.

Once you’ve got an idea for your brand, run with it! No business has ever succeeded without knowing exactly who they’re targeting and absolutely everything about them – the same goes if you’re trying to change the world with your brand.

Be honest and transparent about where you’re going and who you’re going for, but don’t forget that a bit of mystique can go a long way in that department. Make people feel special whenever they interact with you – be open and helpful while also being aloof enough to make them want to get closer to you!

You’ve got to build your image from the ground up if you want it to mean something one day (you start this process when everything else is still on paper) – many companies have been able, through great branding, to get away with losing money regularly while still managing immense success. If you want to try turning things around in your favor one day, then start building that reputation today!

Stay professional and focused on your goal while also being human enough to relate to the people around you – that’s the only path toward true greatness. Make sure you’ve got a strong message for yourself before anyone else tries to define it for you!

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