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How To Know IF AirPods Are Real 6 Steps To Identify Them

I’m pretty sure I can bet with anyone right now that they cannot tell the difference between the left airports from the right airports which are real which is fake.

Welcome to another article from ar. So here I am it’s 20 29 days that the airports are still the most popular truly wireless earbuds out there and with that has come in different iterations from different companies trying to get into this sweet sweet money that wireless earbuds are given them while some have been inspired by what I have been doing.

Some just kind of just copied it like someone copy your homework right from page to page copy and paste they’ literally ripped off what I would have been doing. So I bought these airports for fifty-three thousand, I got them at the same price as the authentic ones.

How To Know IF AirPods Are Real 5 Steps To Identify Them

So in this article I’m gonna show you six different steps you can use to identify fake ear buds from your earbuds, so let’s get into it.

Know IF AirPods Are Real
Know IF AirPods Are Real

Step One.

The pack the first thing we can do to identify fake ear pods is from the pack itself the colors are slightly different as both are white, yes but the fake ones have sort of faded color to it at the original a first class I’m pretty sure they look really identical but when you look deeper you probably find out what I mean for one the fake airports have wireless charging case written on it as opposed to your tentacles pretty ridiculous.

Step Two

In my opinion, another way you can find out if your ear pods are fake is from how you remove the airport from the pack for when the original ones kind of smoothly comes out while the fake ones you have to kind of jiggle it a bit before it opens if you look behind from the bottom left the fake front is slightly thicker than the authentic airport box.

Step Three 

Another way you can spot fake airports by the image of the charging cable as you can see the real ones have a charging cable at the back while some tones in mic in some cases the fake ones have a charging cable but the image doesn’t extend to the end of the box as the real ones.

Know IF AirPods Are Real
AirPods Are Real

Step Four

You can tell fake airports from the airport themselves now if you look at the bottom the diffuser on both deaf the authentic ones are all the shapes while the fake ones, on the other hand, are smaller and kind of secular putting them both side-by-side you can tell the difference not only that but the strips on the fake ones are painted with an off-white and it looks really weird while your authentic one has a really nice white finish to it.

Step Five

The case a few flaws of the case is very very visible at first-class if you didn’t know the circle of what thing top air should be in the middle not slightly lower not slightly higher so in the fake ones you can see that they’re slightly lower than your third sequence secondly designed by Apple in Californi assembled in China phones is lighter on the original than to figure in airports there are definitely a hundred percent fake. 

If you hear any automated voice when pairing or having a low battery now the authentic ones have only sound indicators I’ll let you know what you’re about to pair and when your battery’s anything outside those two things then the air pours you both on the airport somebody sold you are definitely fake.

Step Six

Last but definitely not least I put this last because it more or fewer guarantees if your airports are fake or original now when you pop the lid right at the top there’s a serial number so authenticated you have to go to it while this is actually nice it’s also not impossible that someone may switch out the cases to perfect ones in so you have to check all the five of the steps that I mentioned to check if your efforts are fake or real, so there are many fakers out there many fake iterations of airports out there but what isn’t cold is the fact that some people sell those fake airports are the full retail price which is kind of lying and deceitful.

So if you’re about to buy airports please check out the six steps share them with your family share them with your friends share them with everybody but if you know that whatever you’re about to buy is fake and is that a good cheap price goes right ahead that’s you know people should do what they want to do.


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