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Kaagaz full movie download for free in HD | 123movies

The film begins with touching lines philosophizing how kaagaz (paper) can be a kite in the sky, a boat in water, and the reason for wars all over the world. Kaagaz full movie download for free in HD | 123movies.

Lal Bihari (Pankaj Tripathi) runs a thriving musical band business in his village. We see his sensitivity when he releases the trapped mouse from his shop with ardent requests to not bother him again.  

When Wife Rukmini (Monal Gajjar) encourages him to take a loan and expand the business, Lal Bihari reluctantly agrees. It’s during this process of taking a loan that he discovers his relatives have declared him dead and usurped his ancestral property.


Kaagaz tries to be many films in one. It’s the story of a simple man’s “dharam yudh”. It focuses on the plight of people who get so enmeshed in government red tape, a simple task that takes decades. It throws light on the apathy of government offices and the corruption that can convert a living man to death. So this is the review of Kaagaz movie. Kaagaz full movie download for free in HD | 123movies.

Is Kaagaz movie based on a true story?

Pankaj Tripathi’s movie, Kaagaz is based on the life of Lal Bihari from Uttar Pradesh who was declared dead by the government. He fought a ‘posthumous’ battle for 18 years to prove that he is indeed alive. You might have a lot of questions about Kaagaz movie like:

Was Kaagaz hit or flop? Is Kaagaz a comedy movie? How long is Kaagaz movie?

Where is kaagaz movie showing? What happens at the end of Kaagaz?

With a great cast and story, Kaagaz held a lot of potentials, sadly unrealized. I’ve told you about the Kaagaz movie review now you only have to do is free download Kaagaz movie full in HD.

Kaagaz movie cast

Kaagaz movie cast
1Pankaj TripathiBharatlal
2Monal GajjarRukmani (as M. Monal Gajjar)
3Mita VashishtAshrafi Devi (as Meeta Vashisht)
4Amar UpadhyayJaganpal
5Brijendra KalaJudge (Allahabad)
6Vijay KumarSarpanch
7Neha ChauhanSonia (Journalist)
8Garrvil MohanPablo (Photographer)
9Satish KaushikSadhuram
10Sandeepa Dhar… (Special Appearance)

Kaagaz | Official Tariler |  A ZEE5 Original Film

Kaagaz full movie download for free in HD

Kaagaz full movie download for free in HD








Download Kaagaz full movie

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