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Sony Alpha 1 Full Specifications – Overview

Sony Alpha 1 Full Specifications – Overview

Sony believe in your creativity. The limitless potential of each and every one of you.

Sony said that their mission is to support that creativity. Which is why we continuing to innovate to listen sony customers.

To not only meet their expectations, but to consistently exceed them. A devotion to speed, to capturing the fleeting moment. To astonishing image quality. Projecting images beyond that of the human eye.

Meeting professional demands and achieving cinematic expression. Sony alpha strives to continue being the challenger. Sony Challenging to support your unceasing creativity. Through that creativity, we can see an exciting ‘future’. Working together to create images that go beyond imagination.

Today, let us introduce a step toward the new future of photography.

Sony Alpha 1 Specifications

Resolution and Speed

The resolution & speed of the sony alpha 1 is 150MP x 30fps 120 times/sec. AF/AE calculation 0 Blackout 240 fps Refresh rate viewfinder 8K Alpha one.

The Alpha 1 will clear a path for the future of cameras to come. This new dimensional model pushes creativity to a new level by condensing Sony’s most advanced technologies all into one. 50 megapixels and 30 (FPS)Frames per Second.

A combination of high resolution and speed has finally been realized. Images of 50 megapixels are captured with the world-first speed of 30(Fps) frames per second.

 This is made possible by the use of the newly-developed Exmor RS stacked image sensor and the BIONZ XR, a new generation image processing engine to process high resolution data at high speed.

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Apha 1 is a full-frame size, stacked, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with 50.1 million effective pixels, allowing for high-resolution shooting and the ultimate freedom in photography, providing the ability to crop any shots while maintaining beautiful image quality.

The 50 megapixels high resolution is complemented by 15 stops of dynamic range for smooth gradations from shadows to highlights. Even with this sensor’s high pixel count, it delivers high resolution and low noise throughout a wide sensitivity range.

The combination of high-resolution performance and speed, allows creators to capture previously unattainable moments at 30 (fps)frames per second with no compromise to resolution.


Sony new Alpha one have power of Autofocus and auto exposure calculations at up to 120(Fps) times per second.

The autofocus of the Alpha 1 continues to track subjects with incredible accuracy, even when subjects move quickly or in unpredictable directions, and exposure can be automatically adjusted even through sudden changes in brightness.

Autofocus and auto exposure calculations are performed at a maximum of 120 times per second.

Whether it be 30 frames per second or any settings of continuous shooting, calculations are performed at a maximum rate of 120 times per second.


The Alpha 1 is capable of blackout-free shooting, a function highly regarded in the Alpha 9 series.

In cases where there is a blackout during continuous shooting, viewing maybe interrupted while framing and tracking. The Alpha 1 viewfinder does not black out, allowing you to seamlessly capture the subject during continuous shooting as if you were capturing it with the naked eye.

To cope with the Alpha 1’s performance, the viewfinder is also designed to achieve both high resolution and speed.

In order to display in high-definition, it features the highest resolution OLED in its class with the largest viewfinder magnification. To track fast moving subjects, it features up to a 240 frame per second refresh rate for super-smooth display.

Also, another new feature has been added to improve display response and make it easier to follow a subject without display lag when panning at low shutter speeds.

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Broadens & Possibilites

In addition to its resolution and speed, the Alpha 1 has evolved in many ways to provide the best shooting experience, no matter the situation.

Its non-vibrating electronic shutter allows for silent shooting, which makes it possible to shoot without being noticed, allowing you to take previously impossible shots of things like decisive sports scenes, that would normally have been not allowed due to the sound of the shutter.

The Anti-distortion shutter has been greatly improved thanks to the high-speed readout of the newly developed image sensor allowing for approximately 1.5 times less image distortion than the Alpha 9 II.

Flicker-Free Photography

For the first time ever, flicker-free photography is available with the inclusion of an electronic shutter, as well as mechanical shutters.

This minimizes the flickering phenomenon that occurs in both fluorescent lights and LEDs, allowing you to shoot indoor with all the benefits of the electronic shutter.Flash photography, which used to be possible only with mechanical shutters, can now be done with an electronic shutter as well.

All the functions unique to the electronic shutter are available regardless of environment.

Flash photography has also evolved dramatically in mechanical shutters, with its first evolution in flash synchronization shutter speed in the last 40 years. The newly developed dual driven shutter provides flash synchronization shutter speed up to 1/400 in full-frame and 1/500 in APS-C.

It opens the doors to new creative possibilities.

With these breakthroughs in both electronic and mechanical shutters, the Sony Alpha 1 will greatly expand the creative opportunities for photographers, by enabling them to shoot in areas that were previously considered impossible.

Incomparable AF Performance

Sony’s acclaimed Auto Focus technology has also dramatically improved in the Alpha 1.

The focal plane phase-detection autofocus covers nearly the entire area of the sensor and implements a higher density of phase-detection autofocus points than the Alpha 9 series.

It is capable of tracking subjects with complex movements and at high speeds without missing a beat. And, with AI technology evolving day by day, a new genre has been added, and for the first time in the Alpha series, Real-time Eye Autofocus is now available for shooting birds.

Sony believes that the Real-time Eye Autofocus, which has been praised for its accuracy in capturing both humans and animals, will provide a new experience for many birders now that it also supports compatibility with birds.

It achieves a high level of tracking, even under the unique conditions of shooting birds, such as sudden takeoffs and changes in framing during high-speed flight.

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Real-time Eye Auto-focus

Real-time Eye Autofocus for humans and animals has also evolved in recognition performance with improved AI technology. The recognized subject is tracked and focused precisely through calculating 120(FPS) times per second, allowing you to focus on framing and composition.

When used in combination with continuous shooting at 30 frames per second, it ensures you capture the decisive moment accurately.  

Performance of Real-time Tracking has also been improved, allowing for more reliable tracking of moving subjects. Autofocus tracking is now possible with F-22 in continuous shooting.

It can be used when taking pictures at a lower shutter speed or when panning. Moreover, the wide variety of native E-mount Lenses are guaranteed to adapt to the Alpha 1’s best autofocus performances.

All these autofocus features allow for a worry-free shooting experience, so you can concentrate on composition and creativity.

The Alpha 1 is not only an evolution in still images, but also of video performance, satisfying the needs of cinematic creators. Movie functions are also heading to a whole new level.

8K30P shooting is now possible for the first time with the Alpha series. Oversampling with 8.6K achieves overwhelming resolution performance and enables new video expression.

It allows creators to capture images with a previously unattainable sense of depth and realism.

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4k 120p

4K shooting allows for video recording with a high frame rate of 120p and up to 5x slow motion for impressive video expression.

When recording 4K in Super 35 Mode, video recording of 5.8K oversampling can be done for excellent details. It can be used in combination with the improved Real-time Eye Autofocus, even when shooting huge amounts of data at 8K.

The Alpha 1 supports various modes for cinematic expression.

It is equipped with the S-Cantone, popular on the Cinema Line FX9 and FX6 which delivers cinematic expression. 10bit S-Log3 delivers 15+ stops of Dynamic Range and Hybrid Log-Gamma supports BT.2020’s wide color gamut.

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Creative Look

It can be used for both stills and videos when immediate delivery is required.

The Alpha 1 achieves a maximum of 5.5 steps in 5-axis in-body optical image stabilization. When shooting video, Active Mode image stabilization is activated optically, which allows for handheld, mobile shooting.

As with the Alpha 7S III, the heat dissipation system is optimized to allow for longer shooting durations: a maximum of 30 minutes when shooting in 4K60p or 8K.

The Multi-Interface Shoe employs a digital audio interface which enables digital audio transmission without a cable while also supplying power.16-bit RAW video output is available from the camera via an HDMI Type-A terminal.

The Alpha 1 is the all-in-one camera that can meet the needs of creators, and is capable of supporting the next generation format 8K and 4K filming.

In addition to its specs, other features, such as autofocus performance, S-Cantone, and Creative Look, have been expanded to enrich expression.

The Alpha 1 pursued reliability and comfort in any environment as well as user-friend lines through intuitive operation and various customizations.

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High Operability & Reliability

The sony alpha 1 has achieved high reliability with a long-lasting Z battery, improves dust and moisture resistant design, magnesium alloy chassis, a high resistant mechanical shutter, and Dual CF express Type A cards.

At the same time, the intuitive User Interface, function buttons, and Still / Movie independent settings allow anybody to use the Alpha 1 simply and fully customized too.

The Alpha 1 provides a new dimension of solutions and experiences in a variety of situations and workflows to better suit each purpose. It provides solutions and experiences on a whole new level. 

The Sony Alpha 1 is equipped with 2 built-in antennas that support faster, more stable communication functions, achieving industry-leading transfer rates.

In addition, it has a SuperSpeed USB and a wired LAN port that supports high-speed communication. It has achieved industry-leading performance in both wired and wireless communication. FTP transfer, essential in the sports or news shooting scenes where immediate delivery is required, can now be done via wired LAN, wireless LAN, and even via USB tethering to smart devices.

This allows for high-speed transfer of both still images and videos from anywhere.

New image formats have been added to make the workflow even faster and more efficient.

The Alpha 1 supports light JPEG format and in-body cropping for fast data transfers, even in harsh communication environments. When it comes to shooting in a studio, tethered shooting with a high-speed USB provides comfortable transfer rates, even in high-resolution shooting.

High-speed Wi-Fi allows for comfortable tethered shooting, even outdoors, with no cable connection required. Another new image format, Lossless Compressed RAW, has been added for flexible and efficient RAW development, keeping high image quality.

In addition, it also supports 10-bit HEIF formats. Additionally, there are various applications to streamline the workflow. Alpha will unleash new levels of creativity as a network-connected camera.

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Sony Xperia

Alpha has redefined the speed performance of cameras and is now proceeding to the next phase by embracing the speed of 5G technology with Xperia. Delivery of images to an FTP server on the go is made fast and easy via tethered USB between Alpha and Xperia. But when it comes to Xperia PRO, even faster delivery can be achieved thanks to the 5G millimeter wave network technology. Rapid delivery of images or video files will open up new worlds for the creator’s workflow.

Xperia PRO is uniquely equipped with an HDMI input terminal which allows for high-quality livestreaming with images from the connected camera. The device becomes a high-resolution external monitor with 4K HDR OLED display while livestreaming.

5G speed

The 5G speeds make live streaming from the field a reality, connecting creators with audiences instantaneously. Together, Alpha and Xperia bring you the future of digital imaging, sharing imaging data and connecting people remotely with reality in real time.

The Alpha 1 is a model that embodies the challenges of Sony. We will continue to challenge sony others products to innovate, to change the way today’s creators can see the world. And now, we’d like to share some work from other partner creators. Look to the future and the opportunities ahead as shown through the Alpha 1.

Sony will continue to innovate, to make your creativity and your imagination into a reality. The One Mount concept brings Sony’s most advanced imaging technology together via the E-mount platform, seamlessly connecting a versatile range of camera bodies and lenses that offer unlimited creative potential. Alpha is moving toward the future. Thank you for being with us today.


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